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Our success depends on your success !

We believe that everyone is a good trader if given the right information and follows it. And we want to change existing trader’s world by developing self-sufficient and consistent traders in the most efficient and quickest way as possible. We want to help to reach your trading goals, understanding markets and development trading strategies that cater individual, unique personality and temperament while you make money all the way.

We are traders with exceptional experience of institutional, prop and retail trading. We have been working amongst: Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, KCG Europe. Our goal is to create one place where you will able to find all the information and tools needed when it comes to trading and being profitable.

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About Lukasz Wilhelm

Lukasz Wilhelm does not work for any financial firm and not affiliated with any forex brokers or any firms in the financial industry. This portal was created as a result of a need to centralize the knowledge of the IQD strategy and any necessary service like online trading signals for an active day trader and for those who want to become a trader as well. After many years of proprietary and individual trading we recognize that there is a big demand for IQD strategy education and practical information and not only for free forex signals. Our forex signal service depends strictly on the IQD momentum strategy from Lukasz himself and are applicable to the any markets or currency pairs.

Our goal is creating a community of IQD strategy traders and letting more traders become a part of this huge success. whether you are looking to refine your current trading skills, or you have nothing that’s working yet, this is right choice where you will find access to quality information and the highly profitable IQD trading strategy and free market alerts to achieve your trading goals.

We have all back up what you need: tools, knowledge and best forex strategies which help you reach your trading goals. We pay great attention to the what we do, because our success depends on your success.

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